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Inhabited Space

Degree Show 2021
NTE_0027 (2).JPG

My work is engrossed in the environment I live in, portraying the social context of landscape explored within the medium of drawing, object making, sculpture and installation. I examine the tension of rural land as inhabited and scattald, along with the reliance of the contradicting sides. I re-approach our influence on the land within the absurdities of contemporary life, promoting a caring attitude to the wider notion of home.

My working practice begins with physical exploration of place, often focusing on the found object and structures in the land. This discovery is intertwined with creative materials and learning new processes that inform a consistently evolving practice. The artworks convey imagined possibilities and ideas towards a future within the present reality.

groundwork, lead casts on glass grid pan
frame, glass, tar, plaster with iron and

The exhibition / degree show was first shown online at ART NORTH . com, at the University of the Highlands and Islands BA (Hons) Fine Art / Fine Art Textiles Degree Show 2021, on the 11 June, 6 pm until the 9th of July 

The editor of ArtNorth commented,

'At first, Kirsty Smith's work can seem to have 'brutalist' appeal, but the sensitive minutiae are there too – and her work with pencil on paper shows sensitivity, also. I think that is what I liked most about her work that I was charged with presenting online; the dialogue that seems to be going on, back and forth, between her work in cement and large-scale wooden blocks (the heft of it all), and then the lightness of touch in her small casts of bones, and the minute objects that are appended to the surface of larger substrates.'


+ some very talented rural students @ degree show 2021

The show will be exhibited in person at the Shetland College UHI, Gremista Rd during June, images from this exhibition can be viewed below:


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