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Still from Projected film


June 2019

projected film

The work is a continuation of exploration with the Scottish landscape, developed by the realization that place is an experience perceived by the viewer. The film uses the visual metaphor of the sea to portray the powerful feeling of community in rural areas; as a projection, this creates a more immersive experience and a connection with the audience and space. 

The seascape was shot in various areas around the west coast of Shetland. The assembled footage was first shown in the university, where participants could interact with the projected image. the waves engulfed and danced around the space and body. 


 in exhibtion with Rachel Jutkova,  SHETLAND INSPIRED: MODER DY.   Wave~centrum nezávislej kultúty, Hlavná 121, 080 01 Prešov, Slovakia, 17/07/19

performance of film in Bixter community hall, 09.05.19

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