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BURNTLANDSCAPE, Various found/burnt objects, installation view, 2018


May 2018

arrangement of found and burnt objects with film projection

The final piece sits next to restored and broken boats, which is a strange contrast between construction and de-construction. Reflecting both the wider site of the museum and the site, from heyday shipbuilding pier to abandoned ruin to modern tourist spot. As well as Shetland's landscape, always deconstructing and re-newing, the people within finding new ways to use the land. I hope by referring to the floor piece as a burnt landscape that the viewer will acknowledge their ancestral connection/practice of the land, and to look at the present effecting our future. How will our environment change? how will we respond?

transporting of installation, charcoaled objects in peat bags


The film is projected onto the door. The film loops through various shots: birds flying background sky, the tide line, burning heather at night (various shots), Burning and smoke on the land and seaweed blowing in the wind. Showing the diverse nature of Shetland, mixing the stereotypical/touristic 'birds and sea' perspective on Shetland while also the real living practices of its inhabitants. Below are some stills from the final film. To the left is  the final film projected onto the boathouse door.



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