Kirsty Smith | Shetland |Artist


Kirsty is a contemporary artist living and working in Shetland. In 2021 she graduated with a Fine Art degree from the University of Highlands and Islands at Shetland College.


In her practice, Kirsty utilizes drawing, object-making and sculpture to strengthen and define our relationship with the actuality of place. In her studio/agricultural shed, she explores a variety of sculptural materials, through form, weight with diverse found and construction materials. Her drawings create shifting worlds of everyday life and the surrounding landscape. Through the visual language of intertwined images, tranquil and synthetic elements of rural land are placed in geometric planes of inhabited space. Casted and sculpted objects highlight the consistent animation and transformation of found objects left in the landscape. In the exhibition, the three mediums come together to encourage environmental awareness. 


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2021      BA Hons Fine Art @Shetland College University of Highlands and Islands 

2014      NC Art and Design @ Shetland College 


2021      'Inhabited Space', Degree Show @ Shetland College

2021      'Inhabited Space', Degree Show @ Art North

2020      'Den' [socially engaged sculpture] @ scattald aert

2016-19  UHI Shetland end of year show: 'Vision'

2019      'Shetland Inspired: Moder Dy' by  Rachel Jutkova and Kirsty Smith [Film]. Wave~Centrum Nezávislej Kultúty, Prešov, Slovakia.

2019      '20x20'.Group Exhibition [Oil Paintings] Auld Haa, Yell. 

2019      'Sea Multiplicity.'by Kirsty Smith[Film] Aith        Hall, film projection


2019.   'Natural Selection' by Andy Holden and Peter  Holden [installation]. Old Anderson High School, Shetland. 8th January to 10 March.

2016    'NEO Terra' by Julia Barton [installation] Da Gadderie, Shetland Museum,                     Shetland. 8th October to 12th November.


2019+  Various Craft/Applied Arts exhibitions at Bonhoga as gallery supervisor

2019    'Stoal' by Roseanne Watt [Film/Poetry]. The Booth, Shetland. 4th - 29th                      September

2019    'Natural Selection' by Andy Holden and Peter Holden [Installation]. Old                      Anderson High School, Shetland. 8th January to 10th March

2018.   'FLOW' by John Cumming [Sculpture, Drawing]. The Booth, Shetland. 11th                  August - 23rd September

2018   'The Colony' by Dinh Q. Le [Film Installation] Mareel, Shetland. 3rd February -              9th March

2016.  'Relate North 2016' by various artists. The Gutters Hut, Shetland. 8th -                        15th November